Warehouse Supplies

We’ll Keep Your Warehouse Well Supplied

The best product driven companies are only as good as their supply chains. Keep your inventory on the move with warehouse supplies from Kelly Packaging. Our expertise stems from managing a successful warehouse for over 15 years and we can use that knowledge to streamline your operations. Whether it’s storage racks or labels to keep your DC organized or simply the markers, staplers, and box cutters necessary to streamline the shipping process, we’re southeastern Pennsylvania’s top warehouse supplier. Browse some of our products below or click the banner to get a free consultation on the best products for your mailroom or distribution center.




If your shipping fabric or clothing, any moisture can mean lost inventory. You can never have enough desicants!

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Rack Bins

Storage Racks

Storage racks are necessary for keeping your warehouse floor organized and uncluttered.

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One of the last steps before your box is on the way out the door. We carry manual and automatic staplers and all the staples.

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Box Cutters

Box Cutters

Ubiquitous in both shipping and receiving departments, make sure you’re well stocked with box cutters.

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Shipping Indicators

Shipping Indicators

The business of shipping hazardous products, needs a steady supply of these shipping indicator labels.

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Label Paint 

Label Paint

Sometimes paint is the best way to mark critical information on your shipments. Keep well supplied with our assortment from Kelly Packaging.

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Rack Labeling

Rack Labeling Supplies

Whether moving tons of freight or a steady stream of product, good labeling is key.

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Job Ticket Holders

Job Ticket Holders

Make sure your shipments are stored properly and go to their correct destinations with ticket holders.

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Pallet Markers

Sometimes, the old ways are still the best ways. Keep your inventory well labeled with pallet markers of all colors.

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