Custom Packaging

Design Packaging To Your Own Specifications

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” the saying goes. Unfortunately today’s consumer is likely to do just that when it comes to choosing between your product and a competitor’s. So make sure you’re putting your company’s best foot forward with a custom packaging design that’s unique to your product. At Kelly Packaging we’ve partnered with some of the Philadelphia area’s leading brands to design and supply them with the packaging that’s used by millions of consumers a year. Click the banner below to talk about your application with one of our packaging experts.

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Custom Packing Materials

Do you have a specific application that needs custom packing materials? We team with industrial engineers and designers to create the most cost effective, ideal packing solution for your product.

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Custom Exterior Packaging

If you’re bringing a product to market or redesigning packaging for an existing product line, it’s time to call the pros at Kelly Packaging.