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Packing paper is an economical way to pack and protect fragile items from the stresses of shipping. Used by professional logistics organizations and movers nationwide for just that purpose, packing paper is a staple in packaging across multiple verticals. Ideal for wrapping glass, wood, and other fragile items, Kelly Packaging has a wide variety of packing paper available. Our selection includes rolls made from sustainable and recycled materials. We also supply all the packing paper equipment necessary for your mailroom, such as cutters or supply rolls. Contact your Kelly Packaging rep directly or click the banner below to hear more packing paper for your business application.

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Some Of The Packing Paper We Carry

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    Kraft Packing Paper Rolls

    With enough kraft paper rolls, you can grab it, wrap it and pack it all day long. It being your products of course!

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    Paper Crumplers

    Paper crumplers are a necessity for some of the heavy duty packing paper that goes into industrial shipments.

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    Freezer Paper

    Looking to ship perishable items that need to stay cold? You’ll want to stay stocked with freezer paper.

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    Newsprint Packing Sheets

    Newsprint shipping sheets are perfect for packing more fragile items like ceramic, tile, or glass.

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    Crinkle Paper

    If you’re looking to ship multiple items that are smaller and less fragile, crinkle cut paper is an excellent choice.

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    Paper Cutters

    Paper cutters are perfect for modern mailrooms and distribution centers that ship varying sized packages using a lot of paper.

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    VCI Industrial Paper

    Shipping metal parts or material that’s prone to rust? Keep your parts corrosion free with VCI industrial paper.

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    Newsprint Rolls

    A roll of newsprint paper is ubiquitous in most mailrooms and distribution centers. Ask about our recycled paper!

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    Kraft Packing Sheets

    Kraft packing sheets are the perfect jack of all trades packing material for many applications.


Dedicated Account Managers

Kelly Packaging supplies mail material to businesses of all different sizes and verticals. At Kelly Packaging, you’ll have a dedicated account manager who will assist with everything from orders to tracking deliveries.

No More Supply Chain Headaches

With Kelly Packaging supplying and supplementing your mail room, you’ll have the peace of mind of that comes from having a local partner keeping your supply chain in motion. Leave logistics headaches behind!


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