The Right Packaging Foam For Any Application

Finding the right packaging foam for unwieldy or unusually shaped products can be challenging. You must strike a balance between protecting the merchandise and not using unnecessary material that drives up costs and increases the sizes of your shipments. Kelly Packaging’s catalog of over 10,000 products is guaranteed to have the right foam packaging material for your exact specifications. Even if you’re not necessarily sure what dimensions you’ll need, talk to one of our packaging specialists and we’ll get you on the right path to shipping product.

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Some Of The Packaging Foam We Carry

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    Foam Corners

    Foam corners of all shapes and sizes. Perfect for larger electronics or appliances.

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    Foam Rolls

    The all-purpose packaging material that is ubiquitous in virtually every mailroom and distribution center.

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    Foam Shippers

    Foam shippers are perfect for glass, ceramics, electronics and other fragile materials you wish to ship.

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    Foam Edge Protectors

    Foam edge protectors are a common way to keep larger items from shifting during shipping.

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    Foam Dispenser

    Virtually every distribution center has a foam dispenser. An excellent multi-purpose material.

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    Flush Cut Foam Pouches

    These foam pouches are perfect for smaller, less fragile items.

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    Perforated Foam Rolls

    Need a quick solution to packaging? Try perforated foam rolls. Simply grip it, rip it, and ship it.

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    Pick and Pack Foam

    Have a custom packaging need for your product? We can design and source custom foam for you.

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    Foam Sheets

    One of the most common foam packaging materials. Foam sheets are very handy for moving fragile items.


Dedicated Account Managers

Kelly Packaging supplies mail material to businesses of all different sizes and verticals. At Kelly Packaging, you’ll have a dedicated account manager who will assist with everything from orders to tracking deliveries.

No More Supply Chain Headaches

With Kelly Packaging supplying and supplementing your mail room, you’ll have the peace of mind of that comes from having a local partner keeping your supply chain in motion. Leave logistics headaches behind!


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