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Whether you ship locally, long-distance or internationally, you’ll need to stock your company mailroom with a variety of packaging supplies. Planning ahead helps maintain an efficient supply chain and keeps your business running on all cylinders. Trust Kelly Packaging to keep your packages neat & professional-looking while meeting U.S. postal and shipping regulations. We have the materials and processes to make sure you never miss an outbound shipment, preventing delays and additional costs.

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Some Of The Mailing Supplies We Carry

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    Glamour Mailers

    Glamour mailers are an excellent way to keep your outbound shipments secure while adding a little flare.

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    We have envelopes of all shapes, sizes, and materials. Looking for recycled paper or self sealing? We can help.

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    Padded Mailers

    Padded mailers are a cost efficient way to keep smaller items safe during the shipping process.

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    Cool Shield Mailers

    These Cool Shield padded mailers protect their contents from the elements. Useful when shipping to hotter climates.

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    Ship Lite Envelopes

    A light weight, very resilient material that is perfect for keeping it’s contents secure.

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    Flat Mailers

    Flat mailers offer more protection than a standard envelope and are a great way to mail catalogs, sign up documents, etc.

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    Poly Mailers

    If your shipping products that aren’t particularly fragile, poly mailers can be a very effective solution for many applications.

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    Multimedia Mailers

    If your shipping fragile material like CDs, DVDs, or other electronic devices, multimedia mailers are the way to go.

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    Tyvek Envelopes

    Colorful and made of strong material, Tyvek mailers are a staple in mail rooms.


Dedicated Account Managers

Kelly Packaging supplies mail material to businesses of all different sizes and verticals. At Kelly Packaging, you’ll have a dedicated account manager who will assist with everything from orders to tracking deliveries.

No More Supply Chain Headaches

With Kelly Packaging supplying and supplementing your mail room, you’ll have the peace of mind of that comes from having a local partner keeping your supply chain in motion. Leave logistics headaches behind!


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