Facility Maintenance Has Never Been So Easy

Kelly Packaging provides top notch facility maintenance supplies for commercial, healthcare, and government facilities. We also partner with many multi-unit residential buildings to help deliver clean, well maintained properties to the residents of the Philadelphia area. Know your in good hands, as we’ve been supplying the companies of the Delaware Valley for over 15 years.

If your business maintains offices, a warehouse, does food prep, or any other commercial space, Kelly Packaging can meet all of your maintenance needs with our wide line of affordable products. Click below to get a free consultation built around the needs of your facility.

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Some Of The Facilities Supplies We Carry

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    Waste Bins

    We carry waste bins of all shapes and sizes. Perfect for offices, shared work spaces, and kitchens.

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    Trash Liners

    Heavy duty trash liners that can handle anything you throw in them. Ask about the different materials we carry.

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    Trash Haulers

    Trash haulers are very handy in the foodservice and healthcare facilities.

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    Trash Cans

    We provide our customers large volume trash cans across a wide variety of industries.

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    Sorbent Material

    Anyone in facility maintenance can tell you spills happen. Be prepared with 3M sorbent material.

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    Rock Salt

    Working in Pennsylvania means snow. Be prepared for the elements and stock up on rock salt.

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    Anti-slip Mats

    Dish rooms, wash rooms, and kitchens are notorious for wet floors. Make sure you have the right mats!

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    Recycling Bins

    Do your part for the environment by providing recycling bins for your personnel to use.

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    Corrugated Mats

    These mats are perfect for slippery hallways around building entrances.


Dedicated Account Managers

Kelly Packaging supplies mail material to businesses of all different sizes and verticals. At Kelly Packaging, you’ll have a dedicated account manager who will assist with everything from orders to tracking deliveries.

No More Supply Chain Headaches

With Kelly Packaging supplying and supplementing your mail room, you’ll have the peace of mind of that comes from having a local partner keeping your supply chain in motion. Leave logistics headaches behind!


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