Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve come to the right place! Kelly Packaging is the smart choice for industrial packaging in the Philadelphia area. We provide boxes to wide range of businesses and would love to hear more about your needs. Please get in touch for more information!
Kelly Packaging offers a wide range of sustainably made and recycled packaging products such as boxes, packing paper, etcetera for our ecologically conscious customers. Please get in touch for more info!
We have the established processes and equipment in place to handle a wide variety of custom packaging production. Schedule a free consultation to hear more.
We’d love to! We have expertise in package design across multiple industries and have likely designed packaging similar for past customers. Schedule a free consultation for more information.
Certainly! We do a complete analysis of all of our prospective customer’s businesses and recommend the most cost effective packaging for their individual needs.
Kelly Packaging will deliver materials to our customers anywhere within 50 miles of Philadelphia. We have logistics partners in place at a reasonable cost for orders outside of our service area.